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ELCON ELK. END. OTOMASYON. Our company began to work as automation systems for heating systems and industrial automation for many industries. Our company, which strives to become a leader in its sectors, has adopted the principle of providing the most accurate services to its customers through continuous research and development.

Below you will find sectors in which our company provides after-sales and after-sales technical support services, and also offers turnkey projects.

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• Preform PET Audit Blow Blower

• Automation of industrial furnaces and power control

• Automation and power control of drying chambers with wet and powder coating.

• IR screen printing applications and automation

• Revision of marble drying oven and capacity management

• Laminating machine applications and automation

• Extruder PID Heat Control Application

• PID Heat Control Injection Molding Applications

• Oven Fixation and Intermediate Dryer

• The use of machine drying of the edges with a ram

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