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Type E Modular Infrared Type E Modular Infrared
The module is one of the most preferred structures in infrared heating systems according to the number of infrared lamps that can be acuple with the desired infrared lamp.
Type L Modular Infrared Type L Modular Infrared
L type modular infrared with polished aluminum reflector and stainless body structure is very suitable for use in processes where high power values are not needed and regular heat dissipation is very important.
Type C Modular Infrared Type C Modular Infrared
With a very low deformation rate, the module's electrical
connection is made with the help of buat and klemens on the body. The ducts in the hull make air circulation easier and cable crossings more practical. When used in industrial furnaces, radial fans are used in the cooling unit and axial fans with body acuple are used when used outside the furnace.
O Type (Auto Paint Drying) O Type (Auto Paint Drying)
ELCON IR auto paint dryers are the next generation technology used in all local paint drying applications in the automotive industry.
Type N (NIR Pet Inflator Furnace) Type N (NIR Pet Inflator Furnace)
Pet inflator furnaces are one of the areas that need infrared technology the most.
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